Working with a Realtor vs FSBO

As you get ready to even think about listing your home for sale, the first thing you are probably doing is wondering if you should hire a Realtor, or just do it yourself? Take a look at this infographic, and if that isn’t enough motivation to hire a Realtor, I just don’t know what is. Keep reading and I will continue to break it down to explain the significances in detail!

1. Even though hiring a Realtor does have a cost associated, let us look at this example more in-depth. If you sold your home for $215,000 and hired a Realtor at 6% (3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent), the effective purchase price would be $202,100. That is still $27,200 MORE than the $174,900 of selling it on your own.

2. We have all experienced this- we see a home sitting on the market for a while and ASSUME that there’s more negotiating room because the Sellers are desperate. So the lowball offers start rolling in, and the price drops start happening. It is integral when selling your home to get it sold QUICK. Through MLS, marketing, and networking, a Realtor is able to help get a home sold fast.

3. Even though there isn’t a direct dollar amount associated with this, the stress that selling a home has on a seller/buyer is huge. It’s time taken away from work (Which is money), family, and hobbies. It’s sleepless nights and mental exhaustion. Sometimes you can’t even put a price on mental sanity.


Now, knowing all of this, hiring a Realtor doesn’t even seem like a choice, it’s more of a given.


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