Okay, Tampa, we are fortunate, but our fellow Floridians need our help. I am sure everyone experienced the panic of picturing South Tampa underwater. Imagine it was, we would want help too! Here is our list of ways you can help areas impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Red Cross

Red Cross has been working tirelessly to assist those affected by the storm. Through Red Cross, you can be as hands-on as you would like. Whether you want to get out there and volunteer, make a financial gift, donate blood, donate items such as clothing or diapers, or share a post on social media. Red Cross also offers classes, CPR, for example, to prepare to help in all emergencies, especially during Hurricane season.

Red Cross Donation

Humane Society

Although Hurricane Ian did not directly impact Tampa, animals have been left behind or transferred to our shelter from areas recovering. Our local Humane Society is overflowing with animals. Right now, they do not have an adoption fee to motivate adoptions. During storms, pets get left behind, and the Humane Society rescues them and gives them a temporary home. Visit the Humane Society and rescue a rescuer!

Humane Society Website

Salvation Army

“Doing the most good,” Salvation Army accepts various donations for Hurricane Victims. Your donation is tax-deductible, and Salvation Army can take almost any item for a hurricane victim. They collect clothing, furniture, household goods, appliances, and automobiles. The people of Fort Myers have lost nearly everything, so any item helps! Donate that old fridge you were thinking of replacing and help a hurricane victim rebuild their life!

Salvation Army Donation

We are incredibly grateful that Tampa was less impacted by Hurricane Ian, but we feel our responsibility as a neighboring city to assist those affected deeply. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and recovering quickly after Hurricane Ian. Let’s show our Florida Family how much we support one another and our beautiful state.