Boo! This time of year ghosts, zombies, and witches are popping up everywhere. Things that go bump in the night are reasonable to be afraid of, but real estate terms? Nah, you got this! Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the real estate jargon. Yes, there are a lot of steps involved in purchasing or listing a home. And yes, with the multitude of steps comes even more terms to learn. Let a knowledgeable real estate agent be your flashlight when you’re feeling a little left in the dark. It is our DUTY to be well-informed about the home buying/selling process. When we encounter a question we don’t know the answer to (yes it happens), you can trust we have a pocket full of expert contacts who do.

See any terms on the list that you’d like more clarification on? Contact Us! We would love to answer your questions and help you along with the process. No matter what stage of the process you’re in come trick-or-treat at our door and we will fill your bag with confidence and understanding.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe out there!